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Medago allows doctors and dentists to send their medical prescriptions right from their smartphone to the patient’s pharmacy in a fast and secure way.

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With its innovative medical prescriptions, Medago is now part of the PetalMD family.

Revolutionary Vision

Medago’s mission is to revolutionize the way healthcare professionals communicate.

Fast & Handy

Medago allows doctors & dentists to send their prescriptions directly from their smartphone to the pharmacy chosen by the patient.

Simple Design

We have entirely designed our application to make it easy, simple and fast for physicians to write and renew all their prescriptions.

Currently in Beta

Our product is pre-launching with selected physicians and pharmacies in certain areas in Montreal.

Now Available in Quebec

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Simple & User-friendly

Free Registration

Fast & Free registration for physicians right from their smartphone. No training required.

Mobile Signature

Sign every prescription using your finger.

Swift Renewals

Renew prescriptions in a few seconds by simply selecting your patient and signing the prescription.


Nearby Pharmacies

Select the closest pharmacy or your patient’s favorite one. All the pharmacies will instantly receive their prescriptions on their web portal.

Patient Notifications

Your patient will be notified as soon as the prescription is ready for pick up.

More to come

Our team is working closely with healthcare professionals to improve your experience with Medago.

Application Screens

SCREENRenew Prescrption

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